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Compass headings and mnemonics

> Two Virgins Make Dead Company  ADD WEST

The U.S. Navy was politically correct (in reverse order) even in 1942:

  Can Dead Men Vote Twice 

Somehow the mnemonics used seem to slide into raunchiness and violence though:

 Bad Boys Rape Only Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly

 (resistor color code: Black, Brown, Red, Orange, etc. etc.) 

Possibly my favorite, appologies to Robert Heinlien in "Have Space Suit, Will
Travel" (OK, here's the space angle)

 Mother Very Thoughfully (or "easily" if you prefer "Earth" to "Terra")
 Made a Jelly Sandwich Under No Protest.

 ...for the order of the planet's orbits. Lower-case "a" for the asteroid belt,
of course. 
> 7) One current source for accurate information is, the purchase at your
> local airport's FBO's [Fixed Based Operator] pilot supplies shop a map
> known as: "Sectional Chart" for your area.  It is issued every 56 days
> (in some cases the issue date is a few weeks later) ... The price of
> this map is approx. US$6-7.00.

So find out when your local sectional chart goes out of date and vist your local
small airport shortly thereafter; you should be able to beg or trashpick a
just-out-of-date sectional for free...which will suit your purposes just fine. 

Besides, they're fun to look at. While you're there find out how inexpensive and
fun it can be to learn to fly.

> 8) Finally, (whew:-) if your QTH happens to fall between two lines,
> interpolate. Incidentally, the Sectionals are designed to indicate
> Magnetic North.

The little compass roses around the VOR/VORTAC stations indicate magnetic
bearing away from the station; the charts themselves are oriented to grid
(mostly true) north.  

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