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UO-14 tonight

Hello All.

Had 2 good passes of UO-14 tonight.  The first was worked by stopping at the
local shopping centre while on the way home from the beach and getting out the
usual portable gear.  VK4WDH and VK5AKJ (briefly) were worked, with weak,
variable signals at my end (hardly surprising, it was only a 10 degree pass!).

The second pass had good signals.  VK5AKJ was worked for longer this time, and
VK6DM popped up.  Towards the middle of the pass, a couple of VK1s were heard
trying to sort their gear out.  Fortunately, they got it together in good time,
and I managed to work one of them for his first satellite contact!  Wish I
could remember the call, it was VK1K?? (VK1KEP?).  He was running handheld in
his back yard (rather similar to my situation).

Only blemish was one local dropping carriers on the bird.  He may have had
downlink trouble, and have been trying to test his system (hmm, tuning up on
the bird? :) ), didn't seem too malicious in any case.

Anyway, to the VK1 I worked, and his mate, who didn't manage a contact, you
indicated you read this mailing list, so I'm letting you know that both Ron,
VK5AKJ and myself, VK3JED will listen out for you on future passes (I'm only
available on evenings and weekends).  Look forward to another contact or six.
:-)  You also may find my satellite pages useful.  I have info on SO-35, UO-14
and RS-13 (the 3 satellites I have capabilities for at this stage - P3D will be
on the list in good time), including SO-35 schedules for VK.

The URL is http://www.qsl.net/vk3jed/sat.html.

73 Tony, VK3JED.

P.S.  Might be better to reply privately, I didn;t get your email address when
we were on the bird.


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