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RE: Compass corrections

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> Hello everyone,
> Since the original post indicated the use of an Army-type compass 
> (notoriously inaccurate most of the time)

Very curious comment.  I carried an Army compass of one variant or
another for over 20 years in the U.S. Army.  In all that time I do not
remember one that was more than one degree off.  This was the
standard lensatic compass used by ground troops for land navigation,
not the system emplacement sets.  Believe me, if one had been
off enough to cause problems, the land nav students would have
had a fit, and blamed it in the equipment.

Perhaps the next part of your post indicates that there may have been 
an operator problem involved?

> 2) If using a compass - keep it as far away as possible/practical from
> any metal.

Which compass and whose army are you referring to?  <GRIN>


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