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Re: Heavy Use of Birds

Hello Jon.

01 Mar 00 07:01, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 JO> For anything other than a single channel, FM is not practical for
 JO> amateur satellites.  The power budget requirements are just too strong
 JO> and FM is not efficient nor needed for it.  SSB is a far better
 JO> solution and with amplitude modulated carriers, you can listen to
 JO> multiple stations at once. There is no capture effect.

Good points, but is it really that impractical?  (I have my suspicions that
while FM is somewhat less efficient, it's not impractical on a linear bird,
just that you get around 1/8 of the number of QSOs on that part of the

 JO> The FM birds are fine for some things.  But it would be a sad day if
 JO> that's all we have up there.  FM is just not practical.

Certainly, we need things other than FM.  SSB is great for those of us who have
it (and I'd hope any satellite op who gets the bug invests in all mode gear),
but it's not everyone's cup of tea...

 JO> I feel sorry for the guys who think the FM birds are the be all and do
 JO> all of the satellite experience.  There is so much more out there and
 JO> you can actually talk to people on the SSB birds.  The solution is not
 JO> more FM birds, but more SSB birds.

Maybe more "easy" SSB birds.  The SSB birds we have are very underutilised on
this side of the world.  I have had only one QSO in many attempts, and that one
was a pre-arranged (we were chatting on 2m before the pass) QSO, just for the
exercise.  Lots of CQ calls disppeared into the ether. :(

On that note, if anyone in VK/ZL would like a QSO on RS-13, please let me know
when you'd be available for a sked.  Due to antenna restrictions, the pass
would have to be to the west of Melbourne (the Rx is shielded from the east),
any elevation between 20 and 90 degrees.  Please let me know 24 hours in
advance (weeknight evenings are the best time to make a sked, though Mondays
are a bit tight).


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