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Re: Antenna Restrictions in Texas

I just had a case where the judge decided that balancing of federal and
local interests consisted of ordering that all three of my 90 foot towers on
my 6 acre wooded lot be taken down. Even though there are no aesthetic,
health, or safety questions, one of my neighbors complained, was shot down
by the Zoning Board, but the Superior Court in "Live free or die" New
Hampshire (with PRB-1 legislation in the state code) reversed the ZBA. It's
on the way to the State Supreme Court now. The town and I are on the same

Good Luck. IMHO the FCC needs to strengthen PRB-1. Apparently the
"balancing" now consists of removing all antennas.

Jerry, K0TV

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Antenna Restrictions in Texas

>Ok, this is a bit off topic, but I need some advice.
>I am getting ready to relocate to Lewisville, TX and have run my head into
>brick wall on the height ordinances.  I for the life of me can't figure
>one out.  If I want to put a roof mounted structure up, it cannot exceed 15
>Feet off of the top of the roof.  The highest that a house can be built is
>35 feet.  (2 and 1/2 stories.)  This would give you 50 feet to the top of
>the highest point of the antenna.  (From a fairness standpoint, I can
>understand this.  However, from a practical standpoint, where the hell am I
>gonna find a 2.5 story home?)
>The other option I have is to put up a tower with a max height of 25 feet
>the top of the antenna.  Uhmm..  Yeah.. Sure..
>My point is this...  Through PRB-1 and through the Texas law that was
>enacted it stated the following:
>the ordinance or order must: 1, reasonably accommodate amateur
>I understand that a simple sat station antenna at 5 feet off the ground is
>ok.  HOwever, I do tend to work some HF from time to time and would like to
>be able to put up a tribander, etc.
>Has anyone ever successfully challenged the actual limits of what
>"Reasonable accomodation" are?  If I could have seperate towers for VHf and
>HF, this might be a potential solution, however, you're only allowed to
>the one structure.  Not either or...
>Thanks for your patience,
>Dave, N8KXA
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