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RE: Unbelieveable! (The strange ops you hear on UO-14).

I generally don't write negative replies to folks when they embarrass
themselves by showing their ignorance and prejudice publicly.

Frankly though, I am tired of the continued thrashing of newer operators
simply because the FCC is trying to work with all of us to maintain our
hobby and spark interest in new operators at a time when more people own two
way communications radios (even if they don't think of them as such) than at
any time since the discovery of artificial RF transmissions and reception.
Frederick has already pointed out the lack of logic in your statement Vince,
I just have a few other questions:

1. Exactly which part of the written exams you've passed made you such a
superior satellite communicator?  You obviously forgotten all the
information regarding operating privileges afforded various license classes
because April 15th will not change in any way who has access to the birds.

2. Have you bothered to read the Report & Order?  Under the new license
structure, the VEC's will determine the content of all exams, including
questions and weightings.  If you're so concerned about the content of the
exams, become a VE (if you aren't already) and give your input to the new

3. No matter how much one studies the information for the exams, one does
not master the information or knowledge required to operate any of the more
advanced modes.  These modes take practice, perseverance and (if possible)
an elmer.  I may be chewing on my foot here, but when was the last time you
volunteered to help with a class or elmer an inexperienced operator?

In a time when the radio spectrum has become a cash crop for the U.S. and
other governments; if we are to keep our access to the amateur bands; we
must be united in our efforts to increase our numbers and the utilization of
our spectrum in support of the principles espoused in Part 97.  I am not
saying we can not have divergent opinions regarding how to achieve those
principles, but we must share those opinions in a concerted effort toward
consensus, not division.

Enough of my soup box oratory, 73 to all-

Ralph G. Sbragia, CSP, CHST
Board Certified Safety Professional
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We can look forward to seeing more stuff like this happening after April

73 de KB7ADL

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