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Re: Concise Guide to Working the Easy Sats - includesUO-14

In a message dated 00-03-01 07:35:07 EST, you write:

<<  This whiney, cryey
 crap has got to go.  I really thought this bunch was different than the
 3898MHz bunch (those that live in the Southeast and are or have been on HF
 know what I'm talking about - you can turn on a CB and hear the same crap)
 or any other bunch that is "Extra" in name, not practice. >>

Joel, I have to agree with much of what you said except the above...The BB is 
just the place to discuss these issues so that the operations of the Sats 
aren't hindered by bickering on the air during their passes.

What is happening is that the learning curve is being shortened for anyone 
who bothers to read these threads and many will possibly not make the 
mistakes others have made before.  This is pure discussion, with many great 
ideas being tossed about, as to how best operate the single channel birds.

There has been very little specific name calling, much constructive 
criticism, and many good suggestions have already been made. Think of it as 
negotiations of eight people around a table. This is much the same.

The people who have comments love their hobby and are trying to do their best 
to stop a train wreck before it happens.  Many operators have already 
modified their
ways to accommodate both real and perceived problems.

The control operators should see this discussion as constructive and 

U0-14 and Sunsat are great "repeaters" and as hams had to do in the 60's, we 
have to work out some operating "rules" before the "big guy" does it for 
us...the big guy being the control operator.

I like the Golden Rule..."Do unto others..."

73 and Best Sat DX


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