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Re: P3-D Launch

In message <B4E1E190.4218%jono@enteract.com>, Jon Ogden
<jono@enteract.com> writes
>on 2/29/00 6:18 PM, Bennie Hall at ben.hall@worldnet.att.net wrote:
>> Good news! However everyone please note the line about possible
>> modifications to the manifest of Ariane 507.  Its time to clean the dust off
>> those satellite stations and bring them up to snuff. To all the Amsat crew
>> who have brought us to this point....well done and good luck...de Ben WY4D
>Dust off the satellite stations?
>Not to be insulting OM, but there are lots of good birds up there right now!

Depends if you are interested in chasing LEO's around the sky, or like
using a flying repeater - which seems to being abused at the moment!

Personally I can't wait to try all my microwave gear on the new bird!


73 Simon GM4PLM
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