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Re: Unbelieveable! (The strange ops you hear on UO-14).

We can look forward to seeing more stuff like this happening after April 15th.

73 de KB7ADL

At 11:24 PM 3/1/00 +1000, tlang@freeway.apana.org.au (Tony Langdon) wrote:
>Hello All.
>Well, another UO-14 pass over VK.  Some of the regulars were on, and there
>a ZL, who seemed to hear the downlink on and off (I and another station
put out
>a few calls to him, but no answer, though he did manage to work someone
>However, what was happening in the background was unbelieveable.  There were
>two stations talking away to each other... ON THE INPUT!!!  However, these
>weren't the usual couple of bods who forgot they were in the satellite band,
>but were talking about a satellite (sounded like UO-14 they were talking
>about!), one was reading out the elevation, and they were saying "It
should be
>up, but haven't heard it yet"!!!
>Sheesh, guys, if you're listening here, the downlink is on 70cm, and if you
>can't hear it, the golden rule is "DON'T TRANSMIT ON THE INPUT!!!", liaise on
>another frequncy, by all means, but keep the input clear, unless you're
>actually using the bird.
>>From the place names they were mentioning, I think the stations were in
ZL, but
>I didn't hear a callsign during the pass (perhaps they got stepped on by
>actually using the bird when they gave them).
>I can feel an update to "satiquette.html" coming on...
>.. ry.
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