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CM on FM

> >Have been reading the mail concerning too much use on FM sats. The solution
> >it seems is to make all future sats strictly for CW use.  This would
> >eliminate the "no coders" and allow good contacts to be made between ham
> >operators.

It's so good that we have Morse proficency as a measure of character. 
Besides, it fits right in with my proposal to only allow Internet use by
those who have demonstrated competance in C programming. 

Let's get rid of those "no-coders" who are screwing up the Net; they'll 
just turn it into CB.

After all...lets see: 60wpm is 300 chars/min or 5 chars/sec. That nets
out to 
about 40 baud worth of asynch datacomm. 

We already *have* pacsats, let's all use a mode that works at 40 baud
human TNCs. <grin>

I can see it now: "Support P3D: 40 baud on 24GHz" 

(sarcasm ends)

You know, we are given our bands by the public to use as a laboratory. 
How long will we keep them if we insist on using them as a museum

 73s de Maggie

...who's passing her Extra practice tests pretty regularly now...
even though there don't seem to be any questions about software...yet.

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