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Unbelieveable! (The strange ops you hear on UO-14).

Hello All.

Well, another UO-14 pass over VK.  Some of the regulars were on, and there was
a ZL, who seemed to hear the downlink on and off (I and another station put out
a few calls to him, but no answer, though he did manage to work someone else).

However, what was happening in the background was unbelieveable.  There were
two stations talking away to each other... ON THE INPUT!!!  However, these
weren't the usual couple of bods who forgot they were in the satellite band,
but were talking about a satellite (sounded like UO-14 they were talking
about!), one was reading out the elevation, and they were saying "It should be
up, but haven't heard it yet"!!!

Sheesh, guys, if you're listening here, the downlink is on 70cm, and if you
can't hear it, the golden rule is "DON'T TRANSMIT ON THE INPUT!!!", liaise on
another frequncy, by all means, but keep the input clear, unless you're
actually using the bird.

>From the place names they were mentioning, I think the stations were in ZL, but
I didn't hear a callsign during the pass (perhaps they got stepped on by those
actually using the bird when they gave them).

I can feel an update to "satiquette.html" coming on...


.. ry.
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