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Re: UO-14 - a long way to go

Hello Jon.

29 Feb 00 23:52, you wrote to David A. Minster:

 JO> There was a station tonight who called CQ and literally was so busy
 JO> flapping his gums that he couldn't hear people answer him!  I took
 JO> down his call and sent him an e-mail.  I won't give the call publicly
 JO> - at least not yet.
 JO> Why don't we all do that?  If you hear someone incessantly calling CQ,
 JO> copy their call, look up their e-mail address on QRZ and send them a
 JO> note explaining the etiquette.  Perhaps if they get a dozen or two
 JO> messages on it they may learn something?

Had a ZL last night call CQ on UO-14.  I replied, as did a VK2 (and the VK2
heard me as well), but no answer from the ZL.  A few seconds, another CQ call.

He obviously couldn't hear his downlink and sounded new to satellites.  I
should have taken his call and sent a friendly email with a few pointers.
Hopefully he'll pop up again, with some Rx improvements.

In the end, the obvious happened, I worked the VK2, and we ended up having a
bit of a chat, as there were no other takers for the whole pass (despite
leaving long breaks and advertising the fact after most overs).

 JO> since it isn't April 15th yet.  Yet he is a LID.  So to those who say
 JO> the no codes are the problem - PUT IT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE!

There are good no code operators and bad ones.  And among those who have passed
the highest Morse qualifications, there are good and bad.

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