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Re: Heavy Use of Birds

Hello K3ROJAL@aol.com.

29 Feb 00 15:01, you wrote to ALL:

 KR> Have been reading the mail concerning too much use on FM sats. The
 KR> solution it seems is to make all future sats strictly for CW use.
 KR> This would eliminate the "no coders" and allow good contacts to be
 KR> made between ham operators.

I don't feel this is an appropriate solution, myself, but there may be other

The most obvious is to have FM allocations on linear transponders that have the
bandwidth and power budget to support several FM QSOs.  This could be
accommodated on 70cm and up.

Might mean beefing up the next generation of amateur satellites, but it
provides one possible (long term) upgrade path.  There needs to be more
encouragement of SSB/CW operation as well, the linear birds are very quiet on
this side of the world. :-(


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