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UO-14 - a long way to go

I must say, the poor operating skill demostrated on UO-14 is just amazing -
and continues unabated despite all the attention is has received here on the

After someone makes a call to a station, others just jump on and call and
call.  I tried working N3ZLL for a new state towards WAS (everyone have
Deleware?), but was jumped all over by a W1.  My immediate reaction was to
fire up the brick... but instead just shut the rig off in disgust - and left
it to the 5-10 alligators who just call over and over again.  Perhaps
they'll get their W4AMI Special Certificate just working EACH OTHER!  And
believe me - you KNOW who you are!

I just received an email from N3ZLL telling me how he's given up on SO-35
for the very same reason and that a PY station calling him recently on UO-14
was completely covered by the alligator crew, "How are you this pass
Joe?","Oh, I'm still fine"...

Why not this:  if you've worked the bird for more than say 10 or so passes
over the past week, go away for a week and leave the bird to some other
folks to enjoy.  And don't worry - we know you'll be back next week - we'll
be looking forward to OUR week off...

David A. Minster - NA2AA - FN20uw
12 Drayton Place - Wayne, NJ - 07470 - U.S.A.

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