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RE: Heavy Use of Birds

I'm not convinced the problem will disappear or even be acceptably
allieviated by "educating newbies". The proper way to conduct one's self
shouldn't be any different on this repeater than any other repeater but for
whatever reason people feel compelled to announce their presence several
times on every pass, without fail, every day on every rep...satellite that's
within 3 degrees below their horizon and with all the flourish of Huey Long
on his best statehouse day. I don't get it. Terrestrial repeaters sit silent
99.5% of the time because no one has anything to say to anyone else but if
you put the repeater 500 miles in the air, there's some compulsion to say it
anyway. That's not newbies. Newbies probably can't even capture the receiver
most of the time and when they do they're trampled on faster than roaches in
a kitchen so I seriously doubt that's the bulk of the problem. What to do
about it? Imposing a "fee" or "selling a tone" goes completely against the
spirit of amateur radio not to mention the impossibility of enforcing it.
Making satellites CW-only is humorous but the satellites are going to be
terribly expensive when split 5 ways. The answer, of course, is to treat it
like any other repeater which, as I mentioned, sits silent 99.5% of the
time. Given how long AO-27 has been in the air, however, and the mess it
generally accumulates, I found it easier to quit fooling myself and sell the
FM gear. Bought a couple nice antennas with the money so I'll sound great on
the SSB birds and EME and there's one less person trying in vain to get a
word in edgewise. Everyone made out, right?


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Why Exactly are you picking on No Code Techs?  After all Hams are Hams.
Most of the world only requires 5wpm to meet the ITU requirement on HF,
what happens on VHF is the responsibility of the individual licensing
entity (country).  It doesn't make them any less a ham than anyone else.
If there is a problem, perhaps what we need is more Elmers willing to
teach the Newbes the proper way to  conduct themselves. Did you just

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