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RE: Antenna Restrictions in Texas

These are city ordinances.

I had thought about the idea of a crank up tower.  It seems that it would be
great as long as no one "ratted me out".  They are expensive, but they would
be well worth the money if I could get away with it.

Thanks for the response.


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are you talking about a city ordinance or a deed restriction. they are not
same. the city ordinance you can probably get around. the deed restriction
a contract between you and the seller. if you want to get around that, you
to the home owners association and you ask for a variance.

the other thing that works real well is to erect a crank up tower. as it is
20 feet when down, you can then crank it up to 40/50 or whatever size you
purchase. as it is temporary when up, you meet the restrictions.


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> Ok, this is a bit off topic, but I need some advice.
> I am getting ready to relocate to Lewisville, TX and have run my head into
> brick wall on the height ordinances.  I for the life of me can't figure
this one
> out.  If I want to put a roof mounted structure up, it cannot exceed 15
Feet off
> of the top of the roof.  The highest that a house can be built is 35 feet.
> and 1/2 stories.)  This would give you 50 feet to the top of the highest
> of the antenna.  (From a fairness standpoint, I can understand this.
> from a practical standpoint, where the hell am I gonna find a 2.5 story
> The other option I have is to put up a tower with a max height of 25 feet
to the
> top of the antenna.  Uhmm..  Yeah.. Sure..
> My point is this...  Through PRB-1 and through the Texas law that was
> enacted it stated the following:
> the ordinance or order must: 1, reasonably accommodate amateur
> communications;
> I understand that a simple sat station antenna at 5 feet off the ground is
> ok.  HOwever, I do tend to work some HF from time to time and would like
to be
> able to put up a tribander, etc.
> Has anyone ever successfully challenged the actual limits of what
> "Reasonable accomodation" are?  If I could have seperate towers for VHf
and HF,
> this might be a potential solution, however, you're only allowed to have
the one
> structure.  Not either or...
> Thanks for your patience,
> Dave, N8KXA
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