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Re: Leo's FM birds solution (an humble proposal)

John K Peterson wrote:
> Francisco:
>                 Your Idea is not a bad one. but how would you enforce the fee?  

Good point. I don't have a solution. 
Maybe if "certain" associations gave their "agreement"...

>                 Perhaps we could put some sort of access tone on the bird, 
> then charge a fee for  knowing what the tone is? 

I don't agree with that. That will be against the AMSAT principles.
Please keep in mind, my idea would be on a volunteer basis, not imposed!
Also, your proposal has no pratical efect. I'm sure the "secreat tone"
would be public in hours... Just think the case of WISP unlock number... 
(If you don't know, an "amateur" made a program to "break" the code). 
Damm, it's really tought to fight human nature :)

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
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