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Re: uo-14 courtesy

Hello John.

29 Feb 00 00:56, you wrote to ALL:

 JM> It's funny that i should be the one making this response, given that
 JM> i'm usually the fellow out here arguing for restraint on AO-27.  We
 JM> may want different conventions for UO-14 than for AO-27, but here are
 JM> my thoughts as a regular QRP user of AO-27.

It'll be interesting to see the different sets of etiquette coming from
different parts of the world.  Here, what you say would hold well for SO-35,
which is a busy bird down in VK.  However, there's few enough of us down here
that many of the ops have got to know each other personally (or at least
aquainted enough to be on regular first name terms).  This might account for
some minor differences, combined with slightly less activity than you guys in
the States would probably have.

Firstly, as I said, a lot of us are pretty familar with each other, so it's
"nice" to exchange a quick acknowledgement (callsign, signal report). Secondly,
traffic levels on the transponder are not always at saturation level, so after
the "priority" contacts (working new calls, etc), there is often time to go
back and work the regulars, without upsetting anyone.  My activity is typically
a fast opening to the pass, then back off during the middle, with the odd
flurry of activity when different stations pop up, and/or the transponder slows

UO-14 is a different culture altogether.  During the evening passes, only a
handful of stations appear (sometimes only two!), so QSOs tend to be a more
relaxed affair, more like a terrestrial ragchew.  We like to leave gaps and
encourage others to join in.  If a number of stations appear, then the first
stations on tend to give way to the newcomers, to give everyone a fair go.

 JM> about the weather and our stations when things aren't so crowded.  I
 JM> think the problem is how people handle things when they do get
 JM> crowded.

This is the main problem, I think.

 JM> Let's work on making this more fun for everyone concerned.  And have
 JM> rules or conventions/customs which encourages good operating
 JM> procedures without penalizing those stations who simply make lots of
 JM> contacts because they run an excellent station (e.g. a category i
 JM> someday hope to qualify for).

I have to agree, it should be fun for everyone, and those who do have good
stations/skills should be rewarded.


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