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Re: uo-14 courtesy

Hello Mike73@aol.com.

28 Feb 00 09:29, you wrote to ALL:

 M> So what's a good ERP level?? No more than 1 watt into an Arrow?? No
 M> more than 5 watts ERP on the uplink? Define it and I'll run it.

Well, I run around 5W EIRP, which is enough to work into the birds, but still a
little bit of a challenge.

 M> One other thing to consider is I believe we tend to over estimate the
 M> penetration of the AMSAT-BB. I think there are quite a few FM bird ops
 M> who aren't subscribed here. Getting the word out may take a bit of
 M> doing. Even so, I'm willing to try it.

I've only confirmed a couple of the ops I work on the FM birds are subscribed
here, so you may well be right.


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