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Re: UO-14 in SE Asia

Hello Scott.

28 Feb 00 23:41, you wrote to ALL:

 SO> Can anyone tell me about activity of UO-14 in South East Asia and
 SO> Australia? I will be in traveling in that part of the world next week

UO-14 is working well.  Activity is a little quiet, with ragchews involving a
few stations the normal style of operation (not unlike a terrestrial repeater),
if you hear such a QSO in progress, it's generally OK (and encouraged) to break
in and let themn know you're there.

Unfortunately, as others have pointed out, there is severe QRM over Indonesia,
due to what appears to be masses of unlicenced stations using the amateur
bands. :-(

Wonder where you're travelling.

P.S.  I usually work the evening passes over VK.


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