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Re: Datacomms on P3D

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Martyn Kinder G0CZD wrote:

> Can someone give me some hints as to the type of Datacomms that P3D will be
> used for. My guess is that it will be predominantly BBS and possibly CHAT,
> but probably not Store and Forward.

Good question....

I'm hoping for a bent-pipe and let the users on the ground determine what
is the best application for each situation.  Sure it might be nice to have
a BBS to drop a message into for someone in the wilderness with no
internet acccess, who can wait for 12 hours for the next pass over the
other half of the world, but I think the BBS is kind of archaic in todays

As the FM sats and some other appliactions are showing, the fundamental
joy of amateur radio is live human-to human applications.  People can send
BBS traffic all day long on the internet; it has little value on P3D
beyond a minimum capability.   I hope some form of UI-Bent-pipe relay will
be considered in the digital planning.  That has as a goal to share the
resource amongst the largest number of users in an equitible manner and
which is flexible enough to encourage a variety of applications.

de WB4APR, Bob

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