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Re: fo-20 being jamed

> >  > idiot on the loose jamming fo-20 by a keying a
> >  >f.m. carrier and sweeping it back and fourth over conversations.

> Haven't run into this yet, but there are FM signals in the passband now and 
> then. Usually it's 2 hams engaged in a simplex qso who have no idea that they
> are in the satellite sub-band. If your receiver is good, you can switch to FM
> and sometimes get a callsign if they ID.

I was just on FO-20 and had a similar experience.  But to me, it sounded 
more like someone trying to tune up or zero beat the station i was trying
to talk to.  It was not an issue of too much power, as i was still able
to copy the station i was QSO'ing with, but not very well.

>From having heard enumerable newbies on AO-27, my impression of this one
particular operator that i encountered is of someone who is inexperienced
in this mode of satellite operation, or had a marginal receiver, or maybe
someone with seriously sub-standard social skills.

You're right, on AO-27, you can often copy a callsign of such people and
send e-mail (and if not, maybe give a phone call [i have on more than one
occasion]) when someone is obviously confused.  But if this individual
had ID'ed, it wasn't on a frequency and/or in mode i was prepared to hear.

Bear in mind that if someone is sweeping an FM carrier, you can be fairly
sure they have decent equipment and potentially could make a good satellite
operator if pointed in the right direction.  This is not something that a
'clueless no-coder' is generally capable of doing.

		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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