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Leo's FM birds solution (an humble proposal)


I've been thinking about what is going on right now on UO-14
(and past happened on AO-27 and SO-35).
I think all agree the question is not easy to solve.
The main problem is too much people for a single user transponder.
Even if the number of this kind of satellites increase, even
they were all visible at same time, the problem would decrease 
almost nothing. The proportion of people is just TOO big to be
balanced any time.
Beside that main issue, there is also a side problem: education!
And that not easy to solve either.
So, what can we do?
An thing crossed my mind: if we had to pay 1 USD for every qso 
we do on a LEO bird, we certanly would do less than we actually do 
right now, don't you agree???

Hey, that could be the answer: why not creat a "virtual LEO tax"???
We could do a "gentlemans agreement", and every qso we did on this kind
birds we would donate a USD (a DM, a £, whatever) to P3D fund.
If this kind of pratice was spread all over, and people would be
of the need, I'm sure this could benefict all.
I know that all this would depend on each operator decision, but even
so, I think we could gave it a chance.

So, what do you think?

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
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