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Re: Restructuring: FCC Petitioned by Hams

>From: Jon Ogden <jono@enteract.com>
>To: "Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL" <vlfiscus@mcn.net>, <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Restructuring: FCC Petitioned by Hams
>Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 17:04:27 -0600
>on 2/26/00 3:05 PM, Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL at vlfiscus@mcn.net wrote:
> >> Most of the ham community assumed that lower CW requirements would be
> >> accompanied by a higher technical level on the written exam.  But BOTH 
> >> AND WRITTEN will be lower skill -- for ALL license classes.

Actually, the Wormser bunch is just arguing about points made clear
in the R&O and is wasting the FCC's time.  Even about the supposedly
new "retesting" issue-- the R&O is clear that the NCVEC is going to
have control over the questions, the VECs will have the accrediation
responsibility, and the VEs will have the responsibility for testing
procedures, and that the applicants don't cheat.

With the amount of totally insecure whiners we have in ham radio, I
am amazed that the FCC even puts up with us.

>If hams follow the rules and the law that is laid out, that's all the >FCC 
>is concerned about.

Is that really suprizing to anyone?  Even pilots do not have to be
aircraft mechanics.

>Frankly, I could give a rip if the guy I am talking to knows how to >use a 
>soldering iron.  I would hope he does.

I do too.. but this can (and is inherently encouraged by ham activity)  come 
after the license.  Most people learn how to do the "brake job" after owning 
a car.

>Anyhow, in light of the multiple guess exam questions, who cares if >theory 
>is there or not?  People memorize the question pool answers >and 10 minutes 
>after they take the test, they couldn't tell you how >to calculate the 
>resonant frequency of an LC circuit.  So does it >benefit anyone?

Tests like ACTs, SATs, GMATs, etc. are multiple choice.  If you don't
have a clue, you won't do well, no matter the "format" of the test.
The question pools are supposed to be 10x the number of questions
given at least, so I think it'd be hard for an average person to
memorize all 500 questions for the extra, and if they did, it'd probably be 
easier at that point to just learn the stuff.

>I am sure that some will likely flame me for this, but oh >well.......I 
>don't have to know how a car works in order to get a >driver's license.  I 
>just have to know how to use it and how to >follow the rules.

Agreed, and yes, if you are like me you'll get a non-stop beating
from about 1/2 of that "elite 10%".  I think the tests are too easy
techincally also-- but-- I am a degreed EE, and I really don't want
to keep a plumber, a salesman, a high school student, or a truck driver from 
being able to become a ham, or even an "Extra" so I feel that I'd be a 
really poor judge of how hard to make the tests.  Diversity is really a good 

Fred W0FMS

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