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Re: PK96

Jordan <jordanw@ihug.com.au> writes:

 >I would be interested to know if anyone out there knows how well
 >the PK-96 performs on the 9.6K birds? 

The 9600 Baud FSK satellites use a baseband modulation which was
suggested by James Miller, G3RUH first. So, this modulation is
often called 'G3RUH FSK'. The G3RUH modem and the modems which had
been derived from the original (e.g. SYMEK TNC2H and TNC3) which
use the same filters are optimised to the typical satellite channel
characteristics. Other compatible modems (DF9IC, Eisch, K9NG and
most others) use slightly different (simpler) filter designs and
can be used for satellites as well, may be with a higher bit error

 >Also, is FSK more or less standard for now and in future
 >at higher baud rates? 

The G3RUH FSK has an excellent efficiency in bandwidth and can be
used with weak, noisy signals as well. The modulation can be used
with any baud rate. In Germany, there are (terrestric) links with
76kBaud and higher (up to 1.22 Mbit/s) working without problems.
The UO22 transmits with 38kBaud (maybe with 76k later?), all using
G3RUH type modems and the apropriate TNC (TNC31 or TNC3S) as inter-
face to the PC. More on High speed can be found at http://symek.com

73! Ulf, DK9SJ

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