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Re: uo-14 courtesy

In a message dated 2/27/00 9:57:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, T5z4@aol.com 

> << it might even be a neat idea to have a pass designated every now and 
>   for qrp only. i don't know how to coordinate that and schedule it. just a 
>   thought. >>

Good Idea! But if we're going to try it, let's define QRP.

I think the only sane way to define whether or not you are a QRP station is 
by the amount of ERP you direct at the bird. It's senseless to say "I'm 
running 5 watts with an HT".

I can crank the rig in the shack down to 1.5 watts out, or I could use my 
FT-470 dual band HT set at 1/2 a watt. Am I QRP?? I don't think so because I 
have a healthy 12 dB of gain in the antenna system on the roof. (1.5 watts + 
12dB = 24 watts ERP)

So what's a good ERP level?? No more than 1 watt into an Arrow?? No more than 
5 watts ERP on the uplink? Define it and I'll run it.

I don't want to rain on anyones parade, but even with this, I have to agree 
with Roy, W0SL that it's still FM capture. We're simply replacing the "Big 
Guns" with "Little Guns' who will now stomp the "Teeny Guns".

One other thing to consider is I believe we tend to over estimate the 
penetration of the AMSAT-BB. I think there are quite a few FM bird ops who 
aren't subscribed here. Getting the word out may take a bit of doing. Even 
so, I'm willing to try it.

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
Local Area Coordinator
"A closed mouth gathers no feet."
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