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Re: fo-20 being jamed

Hello Mike.

28 Feb 00 06:19, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 >> stations accessing the bird, so for any satellite, the rule should be
 >> "use the minimum power necessary to establish reliable contact").
 MG> As always, and an FCC rule here in the states, an operator should
 MG> ALWAYS use the minimum power required to complete the QSO.

We don't have such a rule here, but common courtesy would suggest this is
especially wise when working satellites.

 MG> If *MANY* stations are trying to access an FM device at the same time,
 MG> and no signal is 3 dB stronger than the others, all you hear is a
 MG> heterodyne as each signal beats against the others.   Different rates
 MG> of Doppler among users will assure there is a difference in frequency
 MG> to cause the heterodyne.  Listen to some of the recordings some of the
 MG> operators have made here in the states, it becomes clear others are
 MG> accessing the bird!  :-)
 MG> I'm not talking operating practices here, merely laws of physics.

Quite true.  Some of my recordings have similar heterodynes, though not all
heterodynes made it to disk, due to my low sample rates (Stations can still
heterodyne at 5kHz off the strongest signal on SO-35, but I only sample at 8
kHz, so these get filtered out).

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