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Re: UO-14, FM birds and Operating Courtesy

Hello T5z4@aol.com.

27 Feb 00 12:36, you wrote to ALL:

 Tz> Yea Tony, I looked at the site with your satellite etiquette section
 Tz> and it is a good read.  I also listened to your .WAV file of an FM
 Tz> bird pass over your country, and I must say you fellers' sound much
 Tz> more like the definition of a civilized culture. Thanks for your
 Tz> reply.

Thanks. :-)  Things have settled down rather well.  We did go through a phase
of excitement where stations were starting to trample each other, but that
settled down after a few weeks, and operating SO-35 here is a pleasure these

I will admit to "hogging" the transponder this week, but that was due to a
promotional event we were running over here.  Dozens of potantial hams (and
some active ones who may or may not have worked satellites) witnessed several
contacts from the other side of the country.


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