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Re: fo-20 being jamed

Hello Mike.

27 Feb 00 19:53, you wrote to ALL:

 MG> What happens on a linear transponder bird like FO20 is this:


 MG> A work around like you propose is counter productive, it will make
 MG> YOUR QSO Q5, but will rob from another QSO elsewhere in the
 MG> transponder.


 MG> Contrary to what was posted earlier about the FM birds being
 MG> "damaged"
 MG> by a powerful signal, an FM receiver is subject to "capture effect,"
 MG> which means the most powerful signal will capture the receive
 MG> circuitry.  It doesn't matter if the "strongest" station is running 5
 MG> watts or 10,000 watts, the receiver is NOT punished or pushed past
 MG> capture.

I have to agree, one should use minimum power on the linear birds.  However,
I'd go as far as to apply that comment to the FM birds.  While the FM
satellites don't have to share their power among many stations, running
excessive power makes it hard to tell if there are other stations accessing the
bird, so for any satellite, the rule should be "use the minimum power necessary
to establish reliable contact").


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