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Hi Fellows,

I don't generally get into the middle of such discussions as have been
going on about "Big Guns vs Little Guns on UO-14."  However, here goes.  We
are hearing the same complaints from the same people that we did when the
last FM/FM satellite was commissioned.  A Big Gun seems to be any station
that is 3db stronger than a "Little Gun" regardless of the powers
involved.  Some Little Guns simply are not going to be heard and will blame
it on a Big Gun regardless of the reasons.  I'm sure there are going to be
some who are going to abuse the satellite.  

Looking back over the last 26 years of satellite activity I have
experienced, I see an exponential increase of the 20 meter type fussing and
complaining that was blessedly not  around for many many years.  It is
disturbing to me that we have such a rash of "one upsmanship" messages
going back and forth on here.  It reminds me of the "What you shouted may
be true, but did you hear what he called you" Burma Shave signs.

Might it help things if instead of having the "Big Gun/Little Gun" silly
fights, we set aside a QRP evening as was done on UO-10 for many years? 
Then the Little Guns can hog the satellite from all the Teeny Weeny Guns,
ad infinitum.

73, Roy

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