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Re: UO-14, FM birds and Operating Courtesy

Tim Salo wrote:

> Perhaps private e-mail would be more appropriate for this bickering.
> -tjs

No bickering intended here, Tim.  This is fun and I do like it.. I like
working pile ups on satellites too..
my intent was to associate that I was just as aggressive as the other
fella.  If any one has taken my post the wrong way, my apologies to that
This is suppose to be a hobby, If you can't work a pile up then, there's
some thing wrong...
ask a qrp station on hf, working a dx call . With the big guns
operating... or a HT operator on a bird he is used to it... And he knows
what he is going to run into..
So all in all, I do know what I am going to run in to .... even
operating strictly mobile..

Jim Hertel,  n6kmr
Stanara@wac.com   ...Personal
n6kmr@modesto.n6kmr.ampr.org  ...Ham radio
n6kmr@n6kmr.#ncca.ca.us.noam  ...Packet Radio

I think this is enough...

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