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FM birds

Hello everyone,
 I have been working AO-27 for about three years now, all of it QRP with no
more than 2watts and as little as 20mw (you can get through and be heard
well at that power). Jerry KK5YY and I had a  QSO from the ABQ Hamfest to
the Anchorage Hamfest a couple of years ago with no problem. Egon (VE6EGN)
also worked us at that time at the half watt. Last year, at the Alamagordo
Hamfest, during the last Pacific pass, I worked several stations with 20mw
from my FT-51R. There is no reason to use alot of power on these birds, all
it does is overloads the front end and is shortening the life of the bird.
My biggest beef is there are those whom when they cannot use it as there
personal chit-chat relay, will jam it. Than you will have others who will
then crankup there power to override the jamming. This again, is only going
to damage the bird in the long run. I have talked personally to Riley
Hollingsworth about this problem. The Jamming occurs generally when the
footprint has passed to the SE of my QTH. I know many times when I have
worked it when traveling and trying to give others, new grids, that many
times I cannot get in because of this malicious interference.

73s Chris N2YQP

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