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AOS.EXE, Tracking tool

 Hello all,

 back in 1994 Erich Eichmann, DK1TB has written a small program as a 
 helpful tool for the satellite operator. It is called AOS.EXE and is 
 freeware for Amateur Radio use only. In 1994 versions 1.0 and 2.0 have 
 been released. With version V 2.5 DK1TB has now made the program Y2K 

 AOS.EXE creates lists of AOS and LOS of selected satellites in 
 chronological order to screen, to printer or into a file. It runs
 under DOS, also under Windows 3.x, Windows95 and 98.

 The features are:
   Display of AOS & LOS time and date either in UTC or local time.
   Display of the duration of a pass in minutes for more convenience.

 The program is written in QuickBasic 7.1 and is astonishingly fast, even on 
 a simple 286 w/o coprocessor. It will not run on a XT machine, however. The 
 source code is not avilable, sorry. 
 You will find the program with its associated files in the zip file 
 aos25.zip, which you may download it from the internet at the URL of 
 <A HREF="www.amsat-dl.org/vertrieb">www.amsat-dl.org/vertrieb</A> and then 
select 'downloads'.
 Look for the last listed item AOS V 2.5. For German speaking people you
 will find there the German version AOS V 3.0 .
 Have fun!
 Reinhard, DJ1KM

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