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Re: UO-14, FM birds and Operating Courtesy

Hello T5z4@aol.com.

26 Feb 00 18:43, you wrote to ALL:

 Tz> Jon has a good point here and I would simply like to add that a little
 Tz> self control be applied to one's technique by limiting your number of
 Tz> contacts to no more than two per pass and maybe four or five if you
 Tz> are rare DX.  Remember, there are other people who would also like to
 Tz> make a contact and some like myself enjoy the rare occasion when it
 Tz> can be done with the least amount of equipment and power.  I suspect
 Tz> there are a few bricks on the air because I am hearing a few calls
 Tz>  working
 Tz> through the bird during the whole pass with extremely consistent
 Tz> signal strengths. Anyway, I'm pretty sure this will fall on deaf ears
 Tz> and should really only be indicative of my own daily conduct both in
 Tz> private and in the public eye.
 Tz> As always, the aforementioned opinion is strictly that of my own and
 Tz> more than likely will pass safely from one ear and out the other with
 Tz> little to no known effect to the behavior patterns of those
 Tz> exposed...hi

We have had similar problems on SO-35 in the past down here, though it appears
that things have settled down now.  UO-14 is still relatively quiet, so QSOs
there tend to be a bit like shortish terrestrial repeater QSOs where a few
stations gather around for a ragchew, but gaps are left for others to break in,
once the necessaries are exchanged (callsign, signal report, etc).

In any case, you might be interested in a piece I wrote on the operating
procedures which specifically addresses FM satellites, originally intended for
SO-35, but equally applicable to busy UO-14 or AO-27 (for those who have
access) passes.



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