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Re: Starting out on the cheap

Hello Mark.

26 Feb 00 08:54, you wrote to amsat-bb@amsat.org:

 MJ> I would appreciate any ideas on how to get the 10 meter
 MJ> signal, that seems to be the topic of this thread thus far,
 MJ> up to 1269 MHz for Mode L.  My HF transceiver has a
 MJ> transverter port, which the manual says delivers a signal of
 MJ> about 30 mV.  I'd like to find and inexpensive way to take
 MJ> that and wind up with 10 watts or so on 1269.  Any thoughts
 MJ> out there?

I am in a similar situation.  My most likely option will be to build a
transverter from a kit.  Have a look around, there are a number of designs
available around the world.  Getting any reasonable power will cost a moderate
amount of money, but shouldn't break most budgets.


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