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Re: UO-14

Hello graham.

26 Feb 00 15:52, you wrote to Chris Jackson:

 gS> From experience a couple of years back with a mini handheld (VX1) and
 gS> a rubber duck antenna, I can confirm that all of 2 meters
 gS> including 144.8-146.00 is full wall to wall with cbers in Jakarta,
 gS> Ujung Pandang Indonesia) and in Cebu (Phillipines)
 gS> So I am amazed that you could hear anything when the satellite is over
 gS> those horizons!

UO-14 is full of this crud when it is at the northern end of passes over
Australia.  I've also heard it on RS-13, though there, SSB signals directed at
the bird usually overpower the QRM, and one can tune across the passband anyway
to find a clear frequency.

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