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Operations from the Hobby Show

Hello All.

Some of you may have noticed the notation for the "special event" station
utilising 2 passes on SO-35 on the 25th/26th of Feb.  That special event
station was the Moorabbin and District Radio Club, which was running a station
at a hobby show to promote Amateur Radio to the general community.  A major
part of the day's activities was to be satellite operation.

Unfortunately, after the schedule was drawn up, I was informed that the show
started 1 hour later than the previous time it was on (0000z instead of 2300z),
which meant that the first SO-35 and UO-35 passes were somewhat before opening
time.  However, these turned out to be good opportunities to prepare the other
hams on the air for the next (live to the audience) passes.

Pass 1 of SO-35 and UO-14 were worked with my portable gear, with mixed
results.  Greater obstructions and higher local noise levels made operation
difficult.  However, several stations were worked, and one or two of the stall
holders did look on.  I also passed on UO-14's details to those who were
present on the first SO-35 pass.

For the rest of the day, we used an FT 847 with Yagis at 7-10' on 2m and 70cm.

Pass 2 of SO-35 (0030 - 0044z) was one of the highlights, with several stations
worked, and contacts to Perth, South Australia and closer regional areas.  A
large crowd had gathered to listen to this pass and were impressed.  An hour
later, it was UO-14's turn.  Only 2 stations were worked, mainly due to
difficulty receiving the downlink in the cluttered area.

Later in the day, we attempted contacts on FO-20.  Our signals were 5x3 into
the bird, but no other stations were heard or worked.  However, this did
provide an opportunity to demonstrate the effects of Doppler shift on an SSB

All in all, it was a successful day, both from the point of view of satellite
operation and a publicity exercise.  It's also fortunate we had the satellite
activity, as HF was dead until fairly late in the day when 20 metres opened to
Mexico and 10m FM opened up the east coast of VK.

One final question still lingers...  Does anyone in VK still use analogue
satellites (besides the FM birds)?

Many thanks to those who are responsible for the various satellites and all
those amateurs who took part.


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