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Re: UO-14, FM birds and Operating Courtesy

In a message dated 2/26/00 10:26:16 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
jono@enteract.com writes:

<< I know everyone is excited about the bird.  But please, when you hear a QSO
 in progress, don't just jump in and kill it.  You never know the kind of
 station that one person may have and they may never get to complete their
 QSO.  This was the first time I have ever worked W1AW.  I almost didn't get
 a complete QSO because of someone not being patient.
 KE9NA >>
Jon has a good point here and I would simply like to add that a little self 
be applied to one's technique by limiting your number of contacts to no more 
two per pass and maybe four or five if you are rare DX.  Remember, there are 
people who would also like to make a contact and some like myself enjoy the 
occasion when it can be done with the least amount of equipment and power.  I 
suspect there are a few bricks on the air because I am hearing a few calls 
through the bird during the whole pass with extremely consistent signal 
Anyway, I'm pretty sure this will fall on deaf ears and should really only be 
indicative of my own daily conduct both in private and in the public eye. 
As always, the aforementioned opinion is strictly that of my own and more than
likely will pass safely from one ear and out the other with little to no 
known effect
to the behavior patterns of those exposed...hi
73 - Steve
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