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UO-14, FM birds and Operating Courtesy

OK folks,

I think it's time for a little reminder.

Let's try to use some operating courtesy when using the FM birds.  Yes, I
know we have to end up stepping on each other to make it work, but we should
still try to be considerate of QSOs that people are already in and not
clobber them until the QSO gets finished.

Yesterday I was trying to work W1AW from my mobile on UO-14.  I could not
hear the bird real well nor was I getting in great.  W1AW heard me and gave
me his grid and name, but he did not get all of my call nor all of my
information.  He asked for it.  As soon as he stopped transmitting, a W8
station called him.  Now, I couldn't get in and it took me several more
tries to get back to W1AW and finish the QSO.  If the W8 station would have
not been an alligator, he would have let me and W1AW finish and then called.
But he didn't.

I know everyone is excited about the bird.  But please, when you hear a QSO
in progress, don't just jump in and kill it.  You never know the kind of
station that one person may have and they may never get to complete their
QSO.  This was the first time I have ever worked W1AW.  I almost didn't get
a complete QSO because of someone not being patient.



Jon Ogden



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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