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Re: UO-14

Hello William.

26 Feb 00 10:26, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 WM> Yep ... good to hear you and have a contact on uo-14.
 WM> The Asian qrm was very loud. Probably from Indonesia.
 WM> They use the ham bands for 'whatever' up there and there
 WM> would be hoots of FM HTs around who wouldn't even know
 WM> they were on a ham frequency. That's not exclusive to Asia

They're using mroe than a HT!  I don;t get a signal that good into the bird!

 WM> of course. When I lived in Melbourne my nextdoor neighbor
 WM> had an ICOM IC2a and he used that to talk to his brother-in-law.
 WM> Thankfully it was only a 2 meg wide model from Japan so he didn't
 WM> interfere with the satellite frequencies.

Hmm, I haven;t seen this sort of thing...

 WM> Did you hear the first pass this morning (sat)?
 WM> There was a ZL station who called cq all the time of
 WM> the pass. He was obviously not hearing the downlink.

I did work bits of the morning pass, but I was portable at the St Kilda Hobby
Show, setting up a club station for the later passes.  We had a ball, working 2
SO-35 passes. 2 UO-14 passes and 2 FO-20 passes (unfortunately on the latter
all we heard was our own CQ calls coming back, but it was a good demo of
Doppler shift! :) ).

 WM> Several stations tried to contact him and he actually
 WM> acknowleged one. He was obviously getting in very well.
 WM> Better than almost everyone else. I guess that's a situation
 WM> we'll have to work around as more newcomers 'discover' the
 WM> satellite. Probably only be a problem at weekends....hi.

Seen the same on SO-35 as well.  Unfortunately, you get a few alligatoes on the
FM birds. :-(

 WM> Good to have the 'new' bird anyway. I see Chris plans to put a
 WM> short telemetry burst on it some time soon.

That could be interesting.


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