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RE: UO-14

Hello Chris.

25 Feb 00 14:03, you wrote to 'tlang@freeway.apana.org.au':

 CJ> These short bursts you are hearing are probably uplink transmissions
 CJ> to other satellites (namely the 9600bd digsats).  Unfortunately the
 CJ> satellite segment of the band is only 200khz wide and nearly every
 CJ> amateur satellite has an uplink or downlink in this band.

Apparently one of the digital birds has been fairly close to UO-14 lately.  The
Asian interference is more of a problem.  Once that starts (it sounds like
commercial 2 way traffic), then only the high powered, well equipped stations
can get in. :-(

But we still get around 12 good minutes on a pass before that happens (or
after, if it's heading south).


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