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Re: Starting out on the cheap

>>Find yourself a old SSB 27Mhz CB set.  Years ago, we used to find these
for junk, fix them up and convert them
>>to tunable 10 meter mobile rigs.  Me and my friends removed the PLL and
controlled the frequency of the VCO
>>by means of a ten turn pot on a vernier dial.  These worked quite well for
the price plus they transmitted as well.
>Look for a rig that uses the Uniden uPD858 PLL.  They convert with no
>crystal changes and are excellent performers.  I've had several of
>these on 10.  Realistic TRC458, President Grant (early model with 3
>switches) and President Washington are three that come to mind.

Be careful with the President Washington and Grant.  I used both of these on
10 meters years ago and they had an MB8719 PLL that required a crystal
change to make them play on 10 meters.  I even added CW capability by
 adding an 800 Hz sine wave generator and keying it on and off to create
the CW mode.  These are excellent radios to convert to 10  meters and I
had a blast with the Grant using in  the car for DX while I was in college.


Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

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