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Problem with WFBB

In trying to get my station setup to run WISP32 and WFBB for future satgate
operations, I have run into a problem with the 16 bit windows version of FBB.
WFBB itself appears to run fine and I do not have any problems with it. The
problems occur when it attempts to clean up on its desginated time in

When it shuts down to run RUNFBB.EXE and RUNFBB.BAT it gets a error
window displayed that the task or task(s) attempting to execute have run out
of environment. This usually indicates enviroment memory space or memory
in some fashion. WFBB during its installation includes a NonDosApllication
value in SYSTEM.INI of 2048. I have increased this to 4096. Still no luck.

If I could just disable the nightly cleanup and do this manually, there
would be
no problem. I have attempted to reduce the amount of caching, but still no
I have also attempted to disable the nightly cleanup with no luck. If I just
comment out the time area, WFBB gets an INIT.SRV file error the next time
it starts. If I leave it empty it puts a 0 in and cleans up at midnight.
know of a way to disable this function?

Even though this is WFBB it is a 16-bit version. I have it running on an Intel
MMX 233mhz with 48mb of memory. At the time of the failure, the machine
still has over 44mb available. As usual, Windows does not give you enough
information to tell you what is wrong, just stop some of the tasks it is
trying to
run in that same DOS environment. I have also tried to put a goto at the
MAINT rentry point so none of the operations will go into effect, but it still
crashes just trying to run the RUINFBB.BAT file.

Has any tried to run/use the 32-bit version that can be downloaded? I haven't
attempted it since it is not really a released version and they do not
that you use it where you need to rely on it.

Reid Bristor,  WA4UPD
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