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Re: Starting out on the cheap

>>Find yourself a old SSB 27Mhz CB set.  Years ago, we used to find these for junk, fix them up and convert them
>>to tunable 10 meter mobile rigs.  Me and my friends removed the PLL and controlled the frequency of the VCO
>>by means of a ten turn pot on a vernier dial.  These worked quite well for the price plus they transmitted as well.
>Look for a rig that uses the Uniden uPD858 PLL.  They convert with no
>crystal changes and are excellent performers.  I've had several of
>these on 10.  Realistic TRC458, President Grant (early model with 3
>switches) and President Washington are three that come to mind.

And get the uPD858 spec sheet.  It has a pin that converts channel
spacing from 10 kHZ to 5.  Tweak the clarifier a bit and you have
pretty much continuous coverage.  You'll have to change a crystal or
two to bring all the channels up into 10 meters, though.  

If you don't convert to 5 kHZ, all you have to do is put in some
switches and retune a few coils because the chip logic has so many
channels in it, that it can cover 10 meters with the CB crystals.

(Not that I ever tampered with a CB of course.  Oh no.)
N9LTD / KAEZ 2705 / Bullwinkle

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