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Thankyou for UO-14 from CX.

	This was a *great* action!
	Don't know how much useful would this sat be in telemetry mode, but let me
tell you that it will certainly be greately welcome by Hams from all around
the world in FM repeater mode!.
	Particularly here in South America we were feeling a bit relegated
regarding "easy-start" birds. AO-27 not available, SO-35 was receiving
little use due to restricted shedules and now the latest problems with OPAL
seemed all against our intention to develop satellite activity in this region.

	But now this UO-14 opens a new door for South American Hams to get into
satellites with useable passes every day, and most important using simple
setups! Just what we were looking for!
	So thanks a lot, I am shure you will not regret...

	Vamos muchachos que este satelite es un taponazo!.

	73 de Nando, CX6DD

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