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Re: Starting out on the cheap

Please remember that there is no *one* way to get started in
satellite operation. All satellite modes should, ideally,
provide a low-cost entry that works well enough to show new-
comers why it matters. To a first approximation all hams
are newcomers, so it's in our interest to think about this
and come up with answers, rather than bluster and epithets.

Consider, for example, a computer-literate newcomer who may
find digital communications with TO-31 a good place to start
(I can hear TO-31 on my HTX-404 with a rubber duck) and who
would find AO-27 to be a yawn...

Barriers to entry aren't just financial. Consider an
apartment dweller who couldn't possibly put up a Mode-B
steered array, but who would be delighted to C-clamp a
Texas Potato Masher (or a small dish once P3D is doing
its thing) to the balcony.
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