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UO-14 interference

To those who noticed, there was a lot of garbage on the the 15:45 pass of
the UO-14 bird. Listening to the downlink on CW, I copied a W1RU, if I'm not
mistaken, who was calling "CQ RS" and looking at it, the uplink frequency
for the UO-14 bird falls into the 2 meter uplink passband for the RS-13
bird. RS-13 was in range but far west which would require some horsepower to
reach and UO-14 was nearly overhead so I'm guessing it wasn't intentional.
Before someone goes looking for coax to stick a hat pin through, keep in
mind that UO-14 users are probably causing the same problem to RS-13 users.
At least on RS-13 you can tune somewhere else in the passband.

I only mention this because of the griping at the beginning of the UO-14
pass when the CW carrier was blocking anything else. Looks like it's going
to happen now and then, folks.

Mark - KB3CWS

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