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Re: UO-14 10th birthday present

Hello Chris.

23 Feb 00 13:06, you wrote to 'amsat-bb@amsat.org':

 CJ> Since the computer which is used for store and forward communications
 CJ> is no longer able to perform that task, UO-14 is no longer usable in
 CJ> this mode. It is however possible to use the satellite as a single
 CJ> channel FM voice repeater, and I have just configured the satellite to
 CJ> do this.
 CJ> The uplink is 145.975, and the downlink is 435.070.
 CJ> I will leave the satellite running in this mode for the next few
 CJ> weeks.  If it is useful, then I will probably leave it running - if it
 CJ> isn't used, it will be switched to transmitting telemetry.

Just worked Bill, VK3JT via UO-14.  Lousy pass (10 deg in the east, on the poor
side of my QTH), but could hear it 4x1.  Will be trying again on the next pass
(around 00:00 local).


Uplink Alinco DJ500T, running 1.8W into a 2m 5/8.
Downlink  Icom IC-T81A with a 1/2 wave handheld whip.

Looking forward to more UO-14 contacts!

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