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Re: want to build a rotator?

Ronald Long wrote:
 > I saw a couple of gearhead motors that might be suitable for building
 > satellite rotators. They are 120 VAC which might be a problem - running
 > high voltage up the tower.
 > They are from www.allelectronics.com
 > Download the pdf catalog. Look at page 31.
 > 120VAC, 1 rpm gearhead motor Dayton 3M095 CAT# ACM-5 $15
 > 120VAC, 1.2 rpm gearhead motor CAT# ACM-6 $12.50.

Well, since we're talking about do-it-yourself rather than plug-n-play,
what about page 20 of the same catalog, Cat #DCM-142, 2200 RPM @ 12VDC
at 2.8 amps, through a suitable gear reduction of your own design?

At that power consumption, I'm guessing it would have LOTS of torque,
especially with a gear reduction in the range of 1000:1 to 2200:1 for
rotator duty.  ($9.50 per motor)


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