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To those tracking Stensat, we may have been wrong in our
identification of the keps.  Here is some information from
our colleagues at Aerospace.

> From our analysis, it is clear that 26091 and 26092 are Thelma and
> Louise, but not necessarily in that order.  They were released on
> 2000/02/12 13:43:53 Z.  It is also clear that 26093 and 26094 are
> Stensat and JAK, although again not necessarily in that order.  They
> were released on 2000/02/11 03:03:00 Z.

According to Aerospace, it took Space Command longer to "approve" the
orbit fits they were getting for the smaller picosats.

Looking at the orbits, 93 and 94 are very close to each other whereas
91 and 92.  Thelma and Louise were housed in different tubes and were
fired 10s of seconds apart from each other.  This means they were
fired in different directions (Opal has a healthy spin rate).  Therefore,
they could be quite far from each other...this appears to be the case
with 91 and 92.

So, maybe this will help with tracking of Stensat.

We plan on using SRI's 50 meter dish to listen for Stensat when we
get the chance.  We've had some problems tracking with the dish due
azimuth motor drive malfunctions.  Also, the Jawsat ops team is hear
listening for Jawsat.  We'll keep you posted.

Hope this helps.


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